The Sports Hound: 2012 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

This is my first off-season mock draft with many more to come.  There were many changes and more in-depth than my previous mocks.  Feel free to share and make any comments on it as well.  Again, coaching changes and directions I think some teams are going to go influenced this mock severely.  More changes will probably be made during the NFL Draft Combine as players move up and down the draft board.


1.  Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck  QB/Stanford

This is a no-brainer choice right here.  Everyone knows that the Colts are going to take Luck, but the question is will he be starting from Day 1 or will Luck get to learn a thing or two from one of the greatest QB’s ever in Peyton Manning.

2.  St. Louis Rams – Justin Blackmon  WR/Oklahoma State

This was a tough choice for me.  I think this pick will be traded for another team to grab Robert Griffin III.  The Rams need help on the offensive line to keep Sam Bradford safe, but at the same time he needs weapons to throw the ball to.  Therefore, I’ll take the explosive WR here, because it’s hard to find a playmaker nowadays.

3.  Minnesota Vikings – Morris Claiborne  CB/LSU

This is a surprise pick for a lot of people I’m sure.  I looked at Matt Kalil here, but I think Charlie Johnson is good enough for now.  The Vikings also need a WR, but I don’t think there is one worth being picked this high.  So that’s why I’d take a skill player here.  Claiborne has plenty of talent and potential to start from Day 1 and contribute.

4.  Cleveland Browns – Robert Griffin III  QB/Baylor

This is hard for me with this pick.  I think RG3 is a freak of nature and will be a solid professional in this league, but at the same time I think that Colt McCoy is in the same mold as Alex Smith and needs the right system to succeed.  I think with the addition of Brad Childress at offensive coordinator either QB will be successful.  I would much rather take Trent Richardson here, especially because RG3 might be gone by this pick if the right team makes a good offer to the Rams or Vikings.

5.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Dre Kirkpatrick  CB/Alabama

If available Claiborne is probably the choice here, but if not I think Kirkpatrick gets the nod.  I don’t feel they have any other needs that could be filled this high, so CB is the pick.  Ronde Barber is aging and he’s about the only real corner they have.

6.  Washington Redskins – Trent Richardson  RB/Alabama

If the draft order stays the same this should be the easiest pick in the draft.  Richardson is explosive and has the tools to make a big impact with the Redskins.  Roy Helu is not the answer at RB.

7.  Jacksonville Jaguars – Matt Kalil  OT/USC

This is a big drop for Kalil, but I see this happening with skill players having a larger role in this draft early on.  If the Rams don’t draft him at #2 I don’t picture him being picked by the Vikings or Bucs.  I think that too many other needs must be filled.

8.  Miami Dolphins – Quinton Coples  DE/North Carolina

With new head coach Joe Philbin switching the Dolphins defense to a 4-3 scheme, Coples is the perfect fit to replace future Hall of Famer Jason Taylor across from Cameron Wake.  They would probably boast the top DE duo in the NFL and be mentioned in their first season together with guys like Freeney and Mathis or Cole and Babin.

9.  Carolina Panthers – Devon Still  DT/Penn State

The Panthers might look at a WR in this spot to give Cam Newton more weapons, but I think Still is good to pass up.  They need as much help up front as possible and Still should be the guy.

10. Buffalo Bills – Riley Reiff  OT/Iowa

With the offense making major strides this past season, Fred Jackson needs a little better run blocking and Ryan Fitzpatrick needs a little more protection.  This is a toss-up between Reiff and Jonathan Martin.

11. Kansas City Chiefs – Melvin Ingram  OLB/South Carolina

The Chiefs have many choices at this point, but I think their biggest need is at OLB and Ingram is the best available.

12. Seattle Seahawks – Jonathan Martin  OT/Stanford

Bottom line is this pick is too early to take a QB, so the best bet is give whom ever the play caller is better protection.  It would possibly be silly to take another WR here, but maybe they are the new old Lions.

13. Arizona Cardinals – Michael Floyd  WR/Notre Dame

Floyd is too good to pass up, especially for this team.  They made Kevin Kolb the guy, but he needs more than just Larry Fitzgerald to throw the ball to.  A duo of Fitzgerald and Floyd would be fun to watch, but I guess that’s only if Kolb can get them the ball.

14. Dallas Cowboys – Mark Barron  SS/Alabama

The Cowboys biggest weakness is their secondary and has been for years.  Barron is a stud safety and is probably the pick over CB Janoris Jenkins.  I doubt Cowboys fans want 2 Jenkins at CB.

15. Philadelphia Eagles – Luke Kuechly  ILB/Boston College

The Eagles missed on this pick last season and LB is their biggest hole on the entire team.  This should be a no-brainer for Andy Reid and if he doesn’t pick a LB the Philadelphia pride will probably go crazy.

16. New York Jets – Michael Brockers  DT/LSU

Sione Pouha played pretty well last season, but Brockers is what this defense needs to be dominant again.

17. Cincinnati Bengals – David DeCastro  OG/Stanford

DeCastro probably won’t drop this far, but with the Bengals having 2 first round picks I think that this is the safest pick and also fits a need area.  Andy Dalton played veteran football this season and it couldn’t hurt to give him more time.

18. San Diego Chargers – Nick Perry  DE/USC

Perry is the DE the Chargers need and with him falling this far it might just be a case of best player available.

19. Chicago Bears – Kendall Wright  WR/Baylor

If I was in charge of actually drafting someone, my pick would be a QB without a doubt.  I’d probably reach for Tannehill at this point, because I’m still convinced Jay Cutler is not the guy.  But since I’m not in charge they need to give him a real WR to throw the ball to, because the guys they have just aren’t cutting it.

20. Tennessee Titans – Janoris Jenkins  CB/North Alabama

I figure Cortland Finnegan is going to walk as a free agent, so pick up his replacement.  They could also use help on the D-line and Worthy or Cox could get a look here as well.

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Courtney Upshaw  OLB/Alabama

I’ve noticed almost every mock has the Bengals taking a RB right here.  I don’t think it’s that big of a need, but they could use help next to Maualuga.

22. Cleveland Browns – Whitney Mercilus  DE/Illinois

I’m going out on a limb right here.  Everyone thinks the Browns may go WR here if they pick RG3, but I think they will continue to build an already talented defensive line.  They also need to look building the right side of the offensive line.

23. Detroit Lions – Zach Brown  OLB/North Carolina

The Lions offense is pretty solid, but the defense definitely needs help.  Their strong point is the defensive line, but Stephen Tulloch is a free agent and may not be back with the team.  LB and the secondary could use some assistance.  I also think they take a look at a Dennard here too.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers – Alfonzo Dennard  CB/Nebraska

Ike Taylor had an amazing season, but he needs someone across from him and I feel Gay is better suited as a nickel or dime corner.  I also don’t know the direction the new offensive coordinator wants to take the team so the defense will probably take a high pick.

25. Denver Broncos – Dwayne Allen  TE/Clemson

If Tim Tebow is going to be the QB, he needs a good safety valve and Allen is the perfect guy for their system.  The top TE in the draft can make a difference with the Broncos.

26. Houston Texans – Cordy Glenn  OG/Georgia

This should be a good case scenario of best player available.  Glenn is the top player left on my draft board and the Texans could use some help on the offensive line.

27. New England Patriots – Dont’a Hightower  ILB/Alabama

Judging by the Patriots Super Bowl performance, WR and LB are their main weaknesses.  Aside from Wes Welker (who’s a free agent) they really don’t have any other WR’s that are consistent.  More fire power for the Patriots is needed.

28. Green Bay Packers – Jerel Worthy  DT/Michigan State

B.J. Raji could use some help in the middle which was evident by the way the defense fell off drastically with the departure of Cullen Jenkins.  Worthy should give the Packers exactly what they need up front and open things up for the LB’s to do what they did the year prior.

29. Baltimore Ravens – Stephon Gilmore  CB/South Carolina

This was a tough choice with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed aging I felt they had to start looking at the future of their positions.  I just didn’t feel it was a player worthy of that position this high so CB is probably the biggest other need for the Ravens.  Gilmore is big corner and probably has a chance to surprise some people and start right away.

30. San Francisco 49ers – Fletcher Cox  DT/Mississippi State

I think Cox is just what the 49ers need to open things up for their outstanding LB’s.  They might look at the O-line as well, but Cox is the best player available and fits probably their biggest need.

31. New England Patriots – Mohamed Sanu  WR/Rutgers

A big receiver who has the ability to be a great asset for the Patriots offense.  I think he starts Day 1.

32. New York Giants – Mike Adams  OT/Ohio State

Adams is a giant and Kareem McKenzie is getting up there in age.  Adams should be a great fit to replace him on the right side of the offensive line.  They could also look at Peter Konz right here as well to add more protection for Eli the Super Bowl MVP.


About Daniel Trawick

My name is Daniel Trawick. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, but spent a few years in Willingboro, NJ. During my youth years I played basketball, football, baseball, soccer, ran track and field, and was a high ranked chess player. I am now a freelance writer and blogger. I write for A-Game Magazine (, Sports Rantz Magazine ( as well as contribute to Yahoo. You can also follow me on twitter @TheSportsHound.

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  1. If you look at Buffalo’s passing game, and see how Fitzpatrick throws (quickly) – and then look at the stats (Buffalo was lowest in allowed sacks – just 23) – and then look at the run production of Fred Jackson, and then later Spiller – you will see that OL is NOT the priority for this team. Do they need some quality linemen, and depth…absolutely. Should the #10 pick be used on that spot – no.

    They DESPERATELY need help with their pass rush. They could GREATLY help themselves with the #10 spot in the draft here. If either Ingram, Upshaw, or Coples are there…..that is who they will take.

    Just sayin’.

    • You are absolutely right about their pass rush. Upshaw maybe, but I think Ingram is a reach at #10 and I’m sure Coples will be off the board by then. You are right about their offense, but I think if Reiff dropped that far they would have to draft him.

      I also feel they could use a TE, but Allen is a definite reach at this position as well.

  2. Seahawks take an offensive tackle in the first round three years in a row?

    • They obviously need a QB and I think they may give up a lot to trade up to get RG3. They could possibly reunite Golden Tate and Michael Floyd, which might work for them. My last mock I had them taking Ingram, but I feel with Crennel as head coach of the Chiefs now he’ll want to add another pass rusher to his 3-4 defense.

  3. Like it for the most part but no way Kirkpatrick goes that high after being busted with a substance that makes people high. I do think RG3 goes to Cleveland though.

  4. There is no QB worth taking here. Chris Clemons is 31 and a free agent and Raheem Brock is over the hill. Unless there is a major run on pass rushers before this spot I don’t see them drafting anything else.

  5. I would prefer Morris, but if Dre is the pick i will not commit seppuku, as a Bucs fan.

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